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Flooding Status around C.E. ANTS Company Limited

Updated 13 November 2011

Executive Summary

It is completely dry around the factory and most of the workers have returned to work.
Production lines are running as normal. Office is slightly under-staffed.

Flood Level

Main road = 0cm (Down from 1m two weeks ago.)
Outside factory flood wall = 0cm (Down from 10cm two weeks ago.)


Electricity = Yes
Water = Yes
Telephone = Down (Please call employees' mobile numbers)
Internet = Yes


Factory is fully accessible by road.
Public buses and vans operate between this area and Bangkok.
Some courier companies are taking advantage of the situation and refusing to deliver and pick-up from this area.
Fed-Ex refuse to deliver to this area code despite the roads being completely dry and public transport operating again. (Updated 8 Nov 11)
DHL deliver to this area code. (Updated 8 Nov 11).

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